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Ending your tenancy

Ending your tenancy is simple

Here's all you need to know

If you want to move out you must give us four weeks’ notice.

You can do this in several ways. You can:

Please bear in mind that your tenancy will end on a Sunday and you must give us the keys by 12 noon the following Monday.

We can make arrangements for your housing officer to collect the keys from you at the property if you get in touch with us. This would occur on the Monday immediately after your tenancy ends or at an earlier date if you wish to leave before your tenancy legally ends. If you leave your home without telling us, you will still be liable for four weeks rent.

Before you leave

Returning your keys and other things

You must leave your home clean, empty and in good condition. We may charge you if we have to remove any items which have been left behind. You must allow your housing officer access to inspect your home before you leave to discuss any issues and arrange for any outstanding repairs to be reported. This is called a pre-termination inspection.

You must make sure that all fixtures and fittings are left intact. If there are any broken or missing items you may be charged for replacing them. We will use the notice period to advertise and allocate your home to the next tenant. Properties are usually advertised for letting on the Thursday following receipt of any notice.

We will, in most cases, offer your property to someone the following week. We may also need to make arrangements for the next tenant to view your property so that they can make an informed choice. We will always make an appointment with you first if we wish to show anyone around your home.

If you decide not to move or if you need more time to move out, you should contact your housing officer to discuss this. Contact us and ask to speak to them.

At the time of the pre-termination inspection visit your housing officer will arrange a date to collect the keys from you at the property. You can contact us at any time to collect your keys before your tenancy is due to end, but you will be charged rent up to the Sunday your tenancy officially ends. You will be given a receipt showing how many keys you returned to us and the time you handed them in. If the keys are not returned on time or there are any keys missing, we will charge you for changing the locks and for any rent lost during this time.

  • You must supply your gas, electricity and water meter readings to your suppliers to make sure your final bill is accurate
  • You must inform your Local Authority’s Council Tax and Benefits section or Jobcentre Plus (if applicable) that you are moving and your forwarding address as this may affect Housing Benefit or Universal Credit claims
  • Hand over all keys to your housing officer
  • Leave your home clean, tidy and empty
  • Leave your garden free from rubbish, greenhouses and/or sheds.

Terminate your tenancy

Complete this short form

When you are leaving your home you must give us four weeks notice. By completing this form you are advising us you wish to leave your home. Your notice must end on a Sunday

(Remember you must give us four weeks notice which must end on Sunday)
Include gas and electric if we have both

After you have submitted this form a member of our team will contact you to provide advice and any assistance regarding leaving your home.

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