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Food support in your community

Struggling to make ends meet? Food projects in your neighbourhood can help top up your supplies by offering everything from food banks and heavily discounted food boxes, to community cafes and pantries.

What are food projects?

There are different kinds of food support available depending on your needs. Take a look at what each type of food project means:

Food banks are community organisations that can help if you can’t afford the food you need. You’ll get essential supplies and can also get advice about your income and spending. If you live in a rural area and can’t afford to travel, your nearest food bank might be able to deliver. Contact them to check. If the food bank is run by a church or other religious group, they’ll still help you if you’re not religious or from a different religion.

Community projects like sell good quality, nutritional food at heavily discounted prices.

The food comes from surplus stock from high street supermarkets, food manufacturers and farmers: for example, some food has gone beyond its best before date but that doesn’t mean it’s not still good to eat! Food bags are normally different each week but it’s always good quality, fresh produce. You probably still need to top up from the shops as well but a food box goes a long way to helping you feed your family affordably and healthily.

Community cafes offers a warm welcome and some wholesome food either on a pay as you feel basis or sometimes for free.  

Community shops or pantries allow shop at a fraction of the cost. They sometimes also offer activities, courses and are a great place to find support services.

Local food support

We’ve put together a list of local food projects so you can find out what's on offer in your area.

If you'd like to add a project to the list or correct our details please email

Some projects will need a referral from a registered agency, give us a call and ask to speak to our Community Investment Team for a referral.

Use a free app to find end-of-day discounts

Too Good To Go aims to reduce food waste and save you money at the same time. It hooks you up with local cafés, bakeries and restaurants which have leftover food at the end of the day, and lets you buy it at a discounted rate.

You can buy a 'magic bag' of food via the app, which costs between £2 and £4, and Too Good To Go says the food will be worth at least three times as much as if you'd bought it at full price.

Help with shopping for older people

Being able to shop for food is an important part of staying well and independent as we age. Age UK supports older people to be in control of what food they purchase with their grocery delivery and escorted supermarket shopping services.

There may be a small charge for these services to cover costs, such as petrol or delivery charges.

Want more information?

Our team can help find your nearest food support depending on your circumstances. We can also make referrals for a food bank or a food parcel.

Just call us on 0808 164 0111 and ask to speak to the Community Investment Team or email 

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