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Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team

The Executive Team works closely with the Group Board to set and review the strategic direction and priorities of Karbon Homes and ensure the good governance of the business.

The Executive Team is responsible for providing and ensuring effective leadership, management and performance of the organisation in delivering its strategies, services and functions. The team is accountable to the Group Board for these responsibilities.

The Executive Team is responsible for assisting the Group Chief Executive in:

  • developing strategic, corporate and business plans
  • ensuring agreed strategic objectives and plans are implemented
  • authorising financial spend in line with the limits set out in the Group Delegatory Framework.
  • approving minor changes to key policies and any new or substantially changed other policies, and ensuring policies are implemented
  • setting and monitoring standards of performance and compliance
  • ensuring effective management and utilisation of the Group’s assets
  • delivering growth targets
  • promoting the Group to stakeholders
  • maintaining the highest standards of conduct
  • ensuring the organisation maintains high quality services to customers
  • representing the Group.

Our Executive Team members

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