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Water Safety

Water safety in your home

When it comes to water safety it’s easy to think we have the basics covered

Turning taps off and supervising children when using the bath are what usually come to mind. But, there are areas of water safety that we don’t often think about, things like legionella.

What is legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria that grows and develops in water. The bacteria can form in places such as air conditioning units, hot tubs and showers.

The bacteria are usually found in large environments such as offices and hotels. In some cases, it can also be found in our homes.

If we come into contact with legionella it can lead to legionnaires disease. This can lead to a fatal form of pneumonia.

How can I prevent legionella in my home?

We know the thought of legionella is very concerning, especially in our own homes. But by following some simple steps you can reduce the risk of legionella and prevent illness:

  • Legionella can be found in homes where water systems such as water tanks, taps and showers are unused. This allows the bacteria to grow and develop in the water system.
  • If there is a tap or shower in your home that you do rarely use, make sure you run them at least every few days. Stand well away from the running water. This is to avoid any droplets near your face and mouth and prevent bacteria entering our system. Turning away from the water source is an easy way to avoid this!
  • If you have been away for a period of time repeat the process above on taps and showers throughout your home.

If you have concerns about legionella in your home

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