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Personal home alarm and response service

Helping you feel safe and sound in your home at the touch of a button

Home Assist offers you your very own personal alarm and response service from just £7 per week.

Worn as a discreet pendant, it’s your guarantee that help, whenever you need it – 24/7, 365 days of the year – is just the push of a button away.  With free installation and setup, and a member of our team on hand to show you how it works, you will be equipped with all the additional support you could need.  From fall detectors and door alarms, to bed sensors and chair sensors, feeling safe and sound in your own home has never been easier.  

Of course, Home Assist isn’t just there for those that need a little extra help to live comfortably, safely and independently. We’re here to give confidence and peace of mind to loved ones and carers too.

We also offer Home Assist Plus, a range of additional telecare services which can be added to your package.

Who the service is for

Home Assist is a bespoke service that offers the right level of support and peace of mind to any of us who need a little help to live comfortably, safely and independently in our own home. 

A lot of our customers use the service to get help and support should they fall or feel unwell whilst at home or after spending time in hospital. Some customers simply want the reassurance that help is available quickly and easily when living alone. 

Customers with dementia or other health conditions may also find the service useful. We have extra support available to tailor to your specific needs, which we can discuss with you. 

How it works

We install a call unit with a speaker in your home and give you a pendant alarm that you can wear. 

For peace of mind, we also have a Mobile Responder Service who will attend your home in varying emergency situations when you have activated your alarm. Responders can also provide lifting support, if it’s safe to do so, if you have a fall and need assistance getting off the floor. 

It’s simple and easy to setup

The personal alarm system can work through your phone line or with a SIM card. We will come and install the unit and show you how it works. 

Once up and running, at the touch of a button you are connected to a trained, friendly team. They can arrange help from friends, relatives, our mobile responders, or if needed, the emergency services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Home Assist Personal Alarm, Unit & Response service starts at £7 per week. This includes:  

  • 24/7, 365 days a year response 
  • Help when you need it at the touch of a button 
  • Pendant alarm for ease of use 
  • Links to family/friends/carer (as emergency contacts) 
  • Our mobile response service (if it's applicable to the incident) 
  • Connection to Emergency Services via the call centre 
  • Free installation 
  • Free repair or replacement to the unit 
  • Free key safe* 
  • Annual check in 

* Key safe arranged for Karbon customers if needed  

We also offer Home Assist Plus, a range of additional telecare services which can be added to your package.

If you’re a Karbon Homes customer it’s easy to set up payment for this service, the charges are added weekly to your rent account. 

If you’re not a Karbon customer you can still access the service. Please get in touch for more information. 

We’ll ask you to sign an agreement to say you want to use the service. This outlines the charge you are paying too. We ask for 28 days notice to cancel the service. 

Want to find out more about Home Assist?

Get in touch today

For more information you can contact us or call 0808 164 0111 and asking to speak to the Home Assist Alarm Team

We’ll be able to give you any information you need to make the right decision for you. 

We can also help with referrals from family and healthcare professionals. 

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