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Alarms and safety aids

Alarms and safety aids

Our alarms and safety aids services help you feel safe and confident in your own home

People who sign up for the Warden Call Alarm service or have the security of knowing that they can call for help at any time of day or night.

A Warden Call Alarm system provides a link to the outside world which helps people of all ages live independently for longer. The service summons help at a touch of a button and operates 24 hours a day, every single day of the year.

The alarm operates through your telephone line which connects to a control centre.

One press of the button on the alarm unit, or a remote pendant, immediately puts you in touch with a trained operator at the control centre.

The operator will arrange appropriate help from neighbours, relatives, friends, a mobile warden, or emergency services.

Warden Call Alarms are used by a wide range of people; from young people who are disabled or ill, through to frail elderly people who need peace of mind.

All warden call users have one thing in common: they want to maintain an independent lifestyle with the security of knowing they can summon help if they need it.

For a modest weekly charge, you can join the hundreds of people across our communities who already benefit from the security this service offers.

The Warden Call Alarm service costs £7 per week. A prompt repair or replacement service is provided if anything should go wrong with your alarm unit.

Installation and repairs are free, and the service also includes the provision of a mobile warden response if you require it.

If you sign up, the charge is added to your rent account.

Telecare sensors such as falls detectors, door exit sensors, and pill dispensers are linked wirelessly to the alarm unit to enable them to send a signal to the control centre where trained operators will respond appropriately to the call.

If you live in a Karbon home or shared ownership property, applications for alarms are the same as with our rented properties. Leaseholders will be asked to pay for the alarm in line with the terms of the lease.

You can apply for an alarm by contacting us and asking to speak to the warden call alarms administrator.

You can also visit, write, or email us. The request can come from you, your family, a carer or social care/health professional, or just someone you rely on.

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