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Update on our repairs

We know that some of our customers are having to wait longer than usual for a repair, we understand how important your repairs are and how frustrating this can be, please be rest assured we’re working hard to get to you as soon as we can.

Our Repairs Team remain under significant pressure from issues outside of our control. Colleague shortages due to self-isolation periods, and a lack of parts and materials experienced due to COVID-19 and other national challenges are putting pressure on our team. The devastating impact of Storm Arwen and other bad weather has then added to this. All of this combined over several months has resulted in approximately 50% more open jobs than we normally experience - we’ve gone from an average 4,500 open repairs to 9,000.

We have increased our number of contractors and outsourced work as much as possible to decrease your repair wait time. However, a shortage of available joiners, roofers, electricians and heating engineers generally in the industry has been difficult to counteract and so we are reviewing to see what we can do differently. For example, we are currently creating our own in-house fencing team which will help us clear the work from the existing joinery workforce and reduce lead times.

We have visibility of all jobs that have been logged with us – we know if you’re waiting and we’re doing everything we can to alleviate the delays. We’re grateful for your patience. Our team are working on a priority basis, tackling the most urgent jobs first and outside of this they are looking at work in date order – from the oldest jobs first.

The MyKarbon portal is the quickest way to view and request repairs, we’re also developing the portal so that you can view live updates about your repair – if you haven’t already, register for an account here.

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3 May 2022

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