Vision and values

We want Karbon to be a special place – a community our staff and our customers feel proud to be a part of.

How we got here

Towards the end of 2016 and into early 2017, we undertook a series of consultation workshops with senior managers, staff, customers and Board members. The purpose of these workshops was to consider our new identity based on an understanding of what makes us unique and building on the best of the legacy organisations that formed Karbon Homes.

The results from these workshops have helped us develop a clear sense of purpose, articulate what we stand for, and shape our future aspirations.

Our purpose

The reason we exist as an organisation is ‘To provide a strong foundation for life.’

Our promise

We offer our customers ‘The possibility to develop the life you want.’

Our vision

We will use our financial strength and scale to enable us to be one of the biggest contributors of new homes among northern housing associations, helping people meet their aspirations through access to great quality homes across a range of tenures.

We will help enable customers to lead successful, independent lives and be recognised by partners and customers as making a difference within the places that we work, helping to build healthy and sustainable communities which offer more opportunities for the people who live there.

Our services will be modern, innovative and easy to use and will use insight and data to anticipate our customers’ needs. We will make greater use of digital and self-serve channels, but retain telephone and face-to-face contact where these are valued by our customers.

We will have a strong reputation and significant influence regionally and nationally, and will grow throughout the North East and beyond as the first choice for customers, partners and employees. We will work in partnership, including through cost-sharing vehicles, and welcome others into our Group.  Our customers will be very satisfied and our brands seen as a guarantee of high quality.

We will be financially strong, flexible and resilient. Our colleagues will be recognised as skilled, engaged and motivated.  We will improve continuously and be highly efficient, helped by additional income from our successful commercial activities.

Our characteristics

A strong business head and a strong social heart.

Our values – coming soon!

We are currently in the process of engaging staff to create a new set of values for Karbon Homes, aligned to our new Vision and Strategic Plan. Our new values will reflect our characteristics of a strong business head and social heart, and serve as a touchstone for how we work. We look forward to sharing these with you soon.

Our strategic plan – coming soon!

We currently have an Interim Strategic Plan in place which was developed to provide direction during the transition process while we created Karbon Homes. We are now in the process of developing the first Karbon Homes Strategic Plan that will set out how we will turn our Vision for 2018/19 – 2023/24 into reality, with input from staff across the whole business and insight from an extensive survey of our customers.

When this document is finalised, we will share it here.

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